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About Me

I’m a humor writer who lives in Cleveland, Ohio with my husband and our chiweenie, Minnie. Of course, now that I’ve mentioned Minnie, the rules of dog ownership state that I must now post a picture of her.

The sweetest lil writing buddy.

Okay, see how I distracted you by showing a picture of my dog instead of talking about myself? Does that show that I am uncomfortable writing about myself? Why yes, it does. I love writing satire and fiction, and crafting characters that reflect my own anxious brain.

Thank you, kind Internet stranger, for being here on this particular website when you have millions of other sites you could be looking at right now. Also, thank you for complimenting my dog. (Yes, I’m assuming that you saw Minnie’s picture and immediately responded with a “Oh, she’s the goodest girl I have ever seen! Look at her perfectly floppy ears! Look at her smol lil legs!”)

Please enjoy my work!